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How to choose your style


A bra must be comfortable to wear.

A well-fitting bra should enhance your bust.

These days, there is a huge variety of bras to fit all shapes and sizes and to suit all your requirements. There is no perfect style, everything depends on your taste, mood and needs.
Depending on the effect you're looking for, you may choose to go for a well-covering, low-cut or push-up style...
Below is a quick guide to the different styles of bras most often offered by major lingerie designers.
But first of all, here is some advice for trying on bras and the pitfalls to avoid... to help you choose the right bra!

Trying on

Rather than fastening the hooks at the front, as many women do, and then turning the bra round to the back and risking twisting the underwires, we recommend slipping on the straps first and then fastening the hooks at the back. This way, you can properly position your bust in the cups.
Once the bra is fastened, it's important to place each breast into its cup by leaning forward slightly.
  • Hook fastening: Bras usually have a 3-position hook fastening. It's best to use the middle one for trying on, so that there is room for adjustement if you lose or gain weight. However, you may choose the tightest position if the fabric is stretchy (such as microfibre).

After adjusting your bra, slip on a top and check your appearance, both facing the mirror as well as in profile.
  • Straps: Adjust the straps so that your breasts are firmly supported in a comfortable position. You should be able to slide a finger easily under each strap.

Pitfalls to avoid

  • The back rides up: the back of the bra should be horizontal and should sit below the shoulder blades. If necessary you can adjust the straps but support is essentially provided by the back and the hook fastening.
  • The cups are wrinkled: the surface of the cups should be smooth. If the fabric wrinkles, make sure your breasts are positioned propely in the cups. If the cups are still wrinkled, the bra is too big.
  • Your bust spills out at the top of the bra or at the sides: the cup size is too small.
  • The straps dig into your shoulders: loosen the straps or choose a bra with wider straps.
  • The underwires do not sit comfortable against your skin (underneath or between the bust): if the bra is stretched between your 2 beasts without touching the skin, it is too small. The centre of the bra should sit comfortably against your torso between the cups.
  • The underwiring (or boning) digs into the bust, especially at the sides: the cup size is not big enough or the back size is too small.
  • If the underwiring is too low beneath the bust, the bra is probably too big.

Quick guide to lingerie

Underwired bra

A well-covering style, the most classical shape of bra. The underwires are stitched into the bra. This bra offers excellent support whilst giving your bust a naural shape. The cups wrap around and support your breasts.

Full support bra

Combining technical fabrics with a specially-designed shap, this bra offers guaranteed comfort and excellent support for large or heavy busts.

Full-cup bra

Perfect for all types of bust, this bra is designed in slightly thicker knit to lift and shape your bust, making it rounder.

Bandeau bra

A bra with a straight neckline to wear with or without straps. Perfect under T-shirts or dresses that reveal your shoulders. Most styles have a silicone band to hold it in place.

Moulded cup bra

The cups are seamfree and therefore invisible under your clothes. The cups are heat-moulded under pressure so they retain a long-lasting shape of the bust. Very comfortable for everyday wear, discreet under tight-fitting clothes, this bra softly hugs the bust whilst retaining its natural shape.

Demi-cup bra

The straps are attached to the sides of the cups. The demi-cup bra allows you to wear low-cut necklines. It creates a rounded, full shape for a more seductive look.

Push-up bra

The bust is lifted and the breasts pushed upwards. Repositioning the bust makes it appear bigger. This effect is achieved using padding (sometimes removable). Perfect for creating a rounded, generous cleavage.

Racer-back or T-back bra

Perfect for sport and any outdoor activity. This fashionable bra means that there are no visible straps on your shoulder blades. Modern and feminine.

Minimiser bra

This bra is specially designed for larger sizes, to lighten and distribute the weight of heavy busts. The volume of the breast is controlled, creating the illusion of a smaller cup size.

Self adhesive bra

An effect of bare breasts, shapely and increases the level of the chest. Without sewing and invisible, this bra is ideal for Halter dresses, dresses brides...

Multi-position or halter-neck bra

Detachable straps which can be crossed over at the bottom of the back or fastened at the back of the neck (for cutaway shoulders). This bra can be adapted to suit different styles of clothing so the straps are hidden. Perfect for backless dresses.

Sports bra

A standart bra is not ideally suited to sports. A sports bra limits the movement of the bust and therefore reduces tension on the ligaments. It limits or eliminates bounce which contributes to sagging.

Padded braSoutien-gorge padding

The bra is lined to shape the bust, giving a rounder shape without increasing the size. Your nipples are not visible through your clothes.

Triangle bra

Light, discreet and comfortable, this bra is best for smaller busts. Its creates a more natural shape. Depending on the style, it may have a mini underwire or small boning at the sides for better support.

Shelf bra

A sexy underwired bra which exposes the breasts. The foam half-cups shape the bust. It can create a natural look or a truly risqué effect.


A one-piece design, combining a bustier with a suspender belt. A basque supports the bust like a bra and has suspender fasteners (usually detachable) for attaching stockings.
The straps are sometimes detachable. A basque slims your waist and makes you appear more slender. Perfect under a wedding dress.


A bustier supports and enhances your bust. Unlike a bra which ends below the bust, a bustier extends down to the abdomen. It can be strapless.


A combination of a bra and briefs (or a thong) to create a figure-hugging one-piece garment.
It usually fastens between the legs. It is comfortable and gives a smooth line under your clothes.

Suspender belt

Worn around the hips, it comprises 4 suspenders for attaching stockings.
Adds a sexy touch to any outfit.

Waist cincher

An item of lingerie made from a wide band of lace or embroidery, which covers the waist. A waist cincher usually has detachable suspenders for attaching stockings. It slims the waist and adds the finishing touch to a lingerie outfit.

High leg briefs

Comfortable and well-fitting, high leg briefs have a high waist and cover the bottom. They are cut high at the thighs.

Italian briefs

A high-waisted style with a fancy back without elastication so it's invisible under your clothes. These briefs cover your bottom but are sexier than high leg briefs.


Cut high at the front and completely exposing your bottom, it can be worn low on the hips. Gives a smooth line under your clothes.


Partly covering your bottom and giving a smooth line under your clothes, tanga briefs create an attractive look both at the front and back. Perfect for a discreet look that's sexy, too.

French Knickers

Little shorts cut very high just above the bottom (not below, like boxer shorts). With a sexy look whilst covering the bottom, they have been very fashionable for the past few years. They are perfect teamed with hipster trousers, as they are worn on the hips and not at the waist. French knickers cut narrower at the back to create a thong or a tanga are known as thong French knickers.

Boxer shorts

A smaller version of shorts. They completely cover the bottom and are worm quite high, unlike Frenck knickers which are worm on the hips.
Boxer shorts are available for both men and women.

Full briefs

The classic full briefs with a high waist. Wrap around your bottom for maximum comfort.

Bodyshaping full briefs

These full briefs have a bodyshaping effect and their firm elasticated fabric slims the figure.

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